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Serving residential customers since 2010, Baldeasphalt Paving brings unmatched expertise and knowledge for your next paving project. Pay attention to the minor details, and you can be sure that your driveway will be your neighbors' talk. Asphalt Driveway Repair is located in Sydney. If you are from Sydney and familiar with the Sydney area, then you will know that asphalt driveway maintenance and repair is an ongoing task. The driveway you choose is the way to your house or business. If your asphalt driveway is not sealed or has cracks that need to be filled, or you're ready, to begin with, with a brand-new driveway and the appearance you want, Baldeasphalt asphalt contractors in Sydney are prepared to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Parking Area

Quality is not sacrificed for quantity. Large-scale projects require skilled crews and reliable equipment. Don't hesitate to trust your next parking lot project to the team of Baldeasphalt, who provides personalized assistance and care to commercial projects and customers.Your parking area will be the first-place customers or employees will see. They will walk through your parking lot before entering your business. Baldeasphalt Specialists will help provide your clients with the most enjoyable experience they can getBaldeasphalt Asphalt Specialists offers repairs to pavements for business owners who own commercial businesses and property managers looking for economical pavement solutions


Roads aren't a problem for the staff who work for Baldeasphalt Paving. The vast fleet of state-of-the-art equipment ensures efficiency and a seamless appearance, enhancing the beauty and longevity of your paving project. Regarding the construction of roads, you should think of Advantage North. We provide all the tools to clear, cut, and construct roads that meet the engineering specifications. The route can be cut, sloped, or leveled according to what is needed. In winter, when access becomes difficult, we may create temporary ice roads with the aid of floater trucks and snow-makers. Also, there are SnowCats to keep the roads we construct with ice. From ditching to taking the brush off roadsides, we can handle everything. We also can install culverts as well as divert waterways.


It doesn't matter if it's a parking area or a driveway. Fixing potholes in the event of them occurring is essential for long-term maintenance. Potholes allow water to seep into the surface of the asphalt, which leads to erosion and undermining of asphalt. If you don't address these issues and will enable them to grow, they'll soon become a more extensive and expensive repair. In the case of patching potholes, Baldeasphalt Asphalt Specialists recommend that you cut off the edges of the pothole before repairing it. Another option is to mill the asphalt surrounding the patch before patching. Milling will remove any 90-degree cuts and could also prevent the water seepage and slow any further degradation.In either case, We would alter the stone base when needed to ensure that it is at the correct elevation.


Crack sealing is crucial to protecting the asphalt you have invested in. It shields the subbase of your pavement from the harmful consequences of water intrusion. There are many methods of using crack fillers. At Asphalt Specialists, we know these processes and determine the most beneficial option for your specific requirements. We strive to complete your project efficiently and promptly over the standards of our industry. Guarding your Asphalt Surface by filling cracks: In Baldeasphalt Specialists, we employ only materials that comply with or exceed federal requirements. They are available in a form that needs to be melted. It is set into a liquid state and then quickly returns to a solid, pliable form.Repairing cracks in parking areas and driveways are the most effective and efficient method of protecting older asphalt surface.

Speed Humps

Asphalt Speed humps are among the most commonly used speed bumps that are installed in We can assist you in designing and positioning the speed bumps and repairing or installing them. Baldeasphalt paving and asphalt Services can install your speed bumps in asphalt swiftly, and if needed, we'll also be glad to take away the old, ineffective traffic calming device. If you have speed bumps made of asphalt damaged or require a refresh, We can assist you in determining if a repair or replacement is the right choice for your particular project. We can also paint your speed bumps to keep their appearance fresh and visible.Call us today, and we'll have an estimator meet with you to discuss your speed bump project or any other concerns you might have.Both types produce similar results, but there are some distinctions between them.

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We’re flexible to style, budget and need. You can see examples of the work we have successfully completed on our service pages for. We’re here to help advise, support and complete the job with you.Asphalt owns all its own equipment and we are fully insured and adhere to the safest guidelines and practices to help get the job done right – first time.

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