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Crack sealing is crucial to protecting the asphalt you have invested in. It shields the subbase of your pavement from the harmful consequences of water intrusion. There are many methods of using crack fillers. At Asphalt Specialists, we know these processes and determine the most beneficial option for your specific requirements. We strive to complete your project efficiently and promptly over the standards of our industry. In Baldeasphalt Specialists, we employ only materials that comply with or exceed federal requirements. They are available in a form that needs to be melted. It is set into a liquid state and then quickly returns to a solid, pliable form.

The new cracks will be routed according to the ratio of 1:1 (width and depth). Cracks of all types, whether newly filled or previously filled, are cleaned using a heat lance. The heat lance utilizes compressed air to clear cracks while also burning the cracks using the torch to remove any moisture that may be present in the cracks and walls. Generally, it is recommended to use it on driveways for residential properties and parking lots instead of routing if needed.

Reasons of Asphalt Cracks

This method will ensure that the filler can stick to the asphalt. In most cases, a two” band is used to cover the crack in this filling procedure to prevent water seepage from the crack and the filler from separating from the wall.

Repairing cracks in parking areas and driveways are the most effective and efficient method of protecting older asphalt surface. To get a free estimate from our insured and licensed staff, contact us on 0422-241-797.

Why Does Asphalt Crack?

Cracking is commonplace on concrete and asphalt surfaces, which can prevent it. It could result from base failure, extreme weight, weather conditions, or aging. The primary cause of cracking is the movement created by the snow that forms and leaves the ground in winter.

Sealcoating asphalt also aids in reducing cracks. Since it is sunblocking, it stops the sun from damaging the surface. The asphalt stays flexible and is less prone to becoming dry and brittle.

It is crucial to repair cracks in your parking area and residential roads. Cracks let moisture get through the surface, creating damage.

Contact us to repair cracks in your concrete driveway or parking lot. Maintaining your asphalt investment is something we do best. We employ high-pressure air before placing hot rubber over cracks in your driveway or parking area

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