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When To Park On New Asphalt Driveway?

When To Park On New Asphalt Driveway?

Keeping your asphalt driveway in good condition for as long as possible is essential. Impatience can lead to damage during the early stages of paving a driveway.

In addition to installing asphalt, proper maintenance and care should be taken. Taking proper care of your asphalt driveway includes knowing when to use your newly paved driveway.” 

When answering this question about when to park on a new asphalt driveway ?, there are a few things to consider. 

What is the best time to walk on fresh asphalt?

You shouldn’t use it for at least 72 hours (3 days) after cooling. If you cannot avoid walking on the asphalt after it has been compacted, it is safe to do so.

How soon can you drive and park on new asphalt?

Several factors determine how long it takes for new asphalt to dry:

  • The climate
  • Humidity level
  • The temperature of the air
  • The thickness of the pavement

Following these guidelines is the best way to keep your vehicles in good condition:

  • It should not be driven on for 72 hours
  • For 14 days, don’t park on the new asphalt driveway.

A vehicle such as a car can cause rutting, scarring, and depression of uncured asphalt. 

Larger vehicles, such as trucks and campers, pose an even greater risk. No matter what vehicle you own, ensure that you construct a driveway that will support the vehicle after it has been in place for 72 hours. 

Wait a whole month before applying the hot mix during the hotter summer months. The asphalt becomes pliable from the heat and becomes more vulnerable to surface damage early on. The best thing you can do is park on the street or in a garage if possible. Your patience will be rewarded.  

Considerations to keep in mind

Placing sharp or narrow objects on fresh asphalt may cause small indentations. The following are examples of such objects: 

  • Kickstands for bicycles & motorcycles 
  • High heel shoes 
  • Patio Furniture 
  • Ladders

The small size of objects like these, even though they don’t weigh as much as a car, means they exert a lot of pressure. New asphalt can develop small divots as a result of pressure.     

It is also essential to prevent oil and gasoline spills on your new driveway. Despite being petroleum products, oil and gasoline can degrade asphalt’s bitumen binder. Check your vehicle for fluid leaks before parking on new asphalt. On fresh asphalt, you can also gas up your lawnmower. 

How can asphalt be dried faster?

If you are eager to use your new asphalt as soon as possible, you can speed up the drying process.

  • Apply a seal coat: Applying a seal coat to asphalt can be protected and made to last longer. Sealing coatings protect it from water and UV damage by creating a barrier between asphalt and the elements. They also help protect the surface from the elements and fill in cracks and irregularities. Following the cooling down of asphalt, a sealcoat can be applied.
  • Use a heat lamp: A heat lamp can speed up the drying process in cold climates. Over the asphalt, place a heat lamp and turn it on for several hours. This will accelerate the evaporation of moisture from the pavement and cause it to dry more rapidly.
  • Keep traffic off: It is essential not to allow traffic on your new asphalt until it is scorched, no matter how eager you are. Vehicles and pedestrians are both included in this category. Tire marks can be left on asphalt when driven on before it is scorched.


Can I drive on new asphalt immediately?

It is not recommended to drive on new asphalt until it has fully cured. If you drive on wet or soft asphalt, you may cause tire marks and damage the surface. The ideal timeframe for driving on new asphalt is not less than three days, but at least one week should be allowed to elapse.

How long does it take for an asphalt driveway to dry?

It takes 2-7 days for a brand new asphalt driveway to be ready for use.

What do I do After Laying a New Asphalt Driveway?

It would help if you waited a few hours before driving on a freshly paved driveway. The recommended waiting period is 24 hours for heavier loads.

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